I pride myself on being the most gentle and caring dentist possible.  I am fortunate to have an experienced and dedicated staff to work with.  As a team, we are able to provide exceptional dental care in a comfortable environment.  We continue to update our skills and knowledge by attending continuing education courses throughout the year.  

      My approach to dental care begins with prevention, prevention, prevention and trying to find problems before they become major dental issues.  If dental work is needed, I take a conservative approach and do the minimal treatment necessary based on my patients needs.  I take care to make sure that all my work is done to the best standards to ensure the longevity of my restorations.  Please read the comments below that have been made by some of my patients.


Wanda Leong, D.D.S

Dr. Leong is an amazing dental professional. I've been seeing her for a number of years and she has always been effective, responsive, personable and caring. She managed my Invisalign process and did a great job from start to finish. She's very gentle so pain is never in the equation during my visits with her. She's also just a wonderful person. I consider her both my dentist and my friend. I would recommend her to anyone who's looking for a skilled dental professional.

Linda S.

I have been consistently happy with how Dr. Leong and her staff have cared for my teeth. AND, I've had A Lot of Work for Dr. Leong to do with my teeth! Shortly after my first cleanings, I had cavities to fill, then a molar cracked and I had to get a crown, which Dr. Leong did really well (better than my last dentist for sure!)... Given these positive experiences, I trusted Dr Leong to create Veneers for 8 of my upper front teeth, to totally transform my smile! I am very happy with my smile, get lots of compliments, and have confidence that the work will last me a long time (probably longer than my teeth would on their own... She not only did expert work to prepare my veneers and my teeth, but she also went above and beyond to make sure everything fit and felt right for me.


Dr. Leong is hands down the best dentist I've ever had. She is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She educated me about the right way to take care of my teeth without being pushy or judgmental. She explained everything she was doing very thoroughly so that I understood my own health better. She never made me feel rushed and she was never pushy trying to sell me dental work I didn't need, which has happened to me many times with other dentists. She and her staff were top notch.

My appointment was exactly on time and Anna at the front desk had already gotten my insurance information without me having to fill out anything. Everything was very well organized and we started my exam right away.

S. Wang

Honestly, I don't see any areas in which you can improve your office or my comfort. Everything is already better than satisfactory.

Julie B.

I love Dr. Leong's office. She has wonderful staff who are kind and accommodating. I always fell that I am getting the best care in a friendly environment. Thank you !

Mary Beth K.

The office is great, the staff are friendly and helpful and Dr. Leong takes excellent care of me.

Angie G.

Dr. Leong--Wanda--has provided me with excellent care since taking over the practice from my former dentist who retired. She's a professional in all respects, personable, and very attentive to one's needs and concerns. The same can be said for her great staff. Finally, she's does an excellent job coordinating and conferencing with my other dental professionals, like my periodontist, to insure the best care possible. I highly recommend Wanda and her great staff.


A very warm and friendly staff. They take their time to make sure are comfortable and listen to any concerns you might have. Your health and teeth health are their top priority. If you want a really nice, clean and professional dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Leong and her staff.

Jommer P.

I'm not going to disclose how long I put off seeing the dentist for fear of appalling you, but let's just say I needed a lot of dental work done. Dr. Leong is a god-send for people with dental anxiety (scaredy-cats) like me.

I'm actually looking forward to my bi-annual check-ups at the dentist now. Dr. Leong and her staff are wonderful to work with. I had my teeth cleaned about a month ago, and unfortunately they found that I needed a root canal and some fillings done. Everything was entirely painless! Dr. Leong is extremely gentle and always backs off if you show any sign of pain or discomfort. She also referred me to a great endodontist conveniently located in Union Square to have my root canal taken care of as well.

I've had bad experiences with dentists in the past, so I am just really relieved that I've found a dentist I can stick with. I highly recommend Dr. Leong for any San Franciscans looking for a new dentist.

Patricia Q.

Dr. Wanda Leong is incredibly skilled in her profession. She not only has the expertise but takes the time to perfect everything she does. I have had the pleasure of being her patient for a couple of years now and I highly recommend her.

Julie B.

The entire atmosphere in Dr. Leong's office is very pleasant and supportive, one that I look forward to experiencing. Dr. Leong's Dental Hygenist is the best I have ever experienced - I have learned more about effective preventive maintenance from her than any previous Hygenist over the past 55+ years! The capstone is Dr. Leong. In addition to her calm, thorough and extremely competent patient examination and treatment, she has the utmost integrity. I have experienced several instances in which she correctly postponed treatment to determine if what I was experiencing was real or not - given that she did not see any evidence of a problem. This is proof of her having the patient's interest solely in mind - engendering complete confidence in her judgement and motivation.

Bob L.

I have never liked going to the dentist because it's usually such a painful experience. My teeth are very sensitive, but I have to say going to Dr. Leong's office is the best! Helen, my hygienist, is wonderful. She does an excellent job and lets you know what she's doing as she goes along. I have been seeing Helen for 10 years now and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Anna, the receptionist, is awesome, too! They make you feel so comfortable, as they are so friendly and helpful.

Barbara C.

Feb. 28, '12

Dr. Leong is a great dentist! She is very gentle and yet very thorough in her examinations and recommendations. I really appreciate that she will recommend the best solution to a particular problem, and avoids recommending work that might be unnecessary AND expensive! I always feel like she has my best interest at heart in terms of time, money, and making sure that my teeth last me well into my retirement years!

Laura E.

Dr. Leong has helped me to overcome my fear of dentists. Her gentle way and attention to detail has me happily returning on a regular basis. The kind and professional manner extends fro the Dr. Dentist to the clean and polish people, as well as the front desk. I no longer have to "grin and bare it". I simply grin :)

B. Mathis

I used to dread seeing a dentist and now I embrace it. With her gentle touch and super skills, assisted by a highly trained and gregarious staff, I recommend Dr. Leong for cleaning, whitening, and god forbid a cavity! She also helped restore a crown that popped off and was able to fit me in to her schedule right away. The office location at Union Square is also easy to reach by car, Muni, and Bart.


I've found Dr. Leong and all her staff to be knowledgeable, precise, thorough, careful, patient, attentive, professional, and personable. Thank you for the highest quality experience.


I have been a patient of Dr. Leong for many years and recommend her highly. She is an excellent dentist, and she and her staff are so professional and personable. Even though I no longer live in San Francisco, I continue to go to Dr. Leong's office because of their outstanding care.


Always on time giving caring service in a very clean and safe setting.


Outstanding Dental staff - Competent, Courteous, Considerate.


For many years, going to the dentist at Dr. Leong's office has been a pleasure. My teeth are healthier and they always provide great advice on how to maintain excellent dental health. Linda handles COVID Screening and appointment scheduling (and rescheduling) well. Thanks especially to Helen for the most comfortable Teeth cleaning possible.


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